Bedroom tax protests

Hundreds of people have staged a protest in Trafalgar Square against changes to the benefits system.

The so called bedroom tax, which is introduced next month, would see welfare payments deducted from households judged to have extra rooms.

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Department for Work and Pensions defends bedroom tax rules

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has defended their decision to implement a bedroom tax, but acknowledge that there are circumstances where some tenants should be exempt.

They told ITV News London that councils do have a discretionary fund to give to people who are "vulnerable" which is usually people who need a spare bedroom for a carer to stay or to store medical equipment.

They advised Tania to apply to the council and see if she qualifies as "vulnerable".

We are giving councils an extra £155m this year so that they can help their vulnerable tenants. It's only right that we bring fairness back to the system - when in England alone there are nearly 2 million households on the social housing waiting list and over a quarter of a million tenants are living in overcrowded homes.

– A DWP spokesperson

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