Dinos and Sons respond to horse meat contamination allegations

Dinos & Sons Continental Foods Limited (“Dinos & Sons”) confirms that it is co-operating with local Trading Standards Officers and the FSA in respect of all its current investigations.

Dinos & Sons has been asked to clarify its position in respect of the transportation and storage of frozen beef that was imported by, and belonged to, a third party that the FSA is investigating.

Dinos & Sons did not keep this frozen beef in the same premises as its own products and there was therefore no possibility of any cross-contamination.

Atno time has Dinos & Sons produced or manufactured anything that is underinvestigation or is the subject of any possible contamination or mislabelling.

Thereis no suggestion whatsoever that Dinos & Sons manufacturing processes havebeen compromised in any way. Tests undertaken by independent laboratories onDinos & Sons products have proved negative to date for any contaminants,including horsemeat.