Heart operation baby recovering

A baby is recovering from a heart transplant at the Royal Brompton Hospital. The family of Carina Marcangelo say she is in a critical condition following surgery. Carina became the youngest person in Britain to be fitted with a mini-defibrillator.

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Youngest child to be fitted with defibrillator

Carina is the youngest patient to be fitted with a mini defibrillator

One year old Carina has cardiomyopathy which damages the heart. She spent her first birthday last week completely sedated on life support at the Royal Brompton where she is waiting a heart transplant.

She became the youngest child to be fitted with a mini defibrillator (ICD) in her chest in November at just 9 months old. The device gives her heart a shock if its rhythm worsens.

Carina after her operation

Carina can only receive a heart from a one year old to a small five year old. The average waiting time for a heart is around 3 months and the family have now been waiting three months.

Her father Darren Marcangelo is urging the government to create an opt-out organ donation scheme instead of the current opt-in system. He'll be speaking to London Tonight at 6pm.

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