Soaring childcare costs

New figures show that some nursery places in London cost more than a top public boarding school.

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Key findings of childcare costs survey

  • In London, the average cost of a nursery place for a child under two is now £5.33 an hour.
  • A parent in London buying 50 hours of childcare per week for a child under two would face an average bill of nearly £14,000.
  • Nursery care for children under two in London is 25 percent more expensive than the average across Britain.
  • The most expensive nursery in London costs £408.75 for 25 hours childcare per week. Over the year a part-time place would cost more than £21,000 and a full-time place (50 hours) would cost £42,000.

The childcare costs survey, carried out by the Familyand Parenting Institute and the Daycare Trust, asks local authorities to report the price that parents pay for different forms of childcare in their area.

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