Man jailed for murdering ex

A man's been jailed for at least 27 years for beating his former fiancee to death, causing the death of their unborn baby.

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Police: McLernon 'concocted a web of lies'

DCILucy Robinson, senior investigating officer, said:

"On June 26, 2012, Eystna Blunnie was within days of giving birth and was looking forward to the imminent arrival of her baby daughter.

"She made arrangements to meet with Tony McLernon, her ex-partner and the father of her child, as she was desperate for him to be involved in the baby’s life.

"In the early hours of June 27, having met with McLernon, he severely beat Eystna and left her for dead in the street. His actions not only resulted in her death but also the death of their unborn baby girl.

"McLernon the sought to cover his tracks and concocted a web of lies to account for where he had been that evening and his knowledge of the murder. Throughout the thorough police investigation he has not sought to explain his actions, nor has he admitted his guilt or shown any remorse.

"He has deprived a family of the special time had with a new mother and baby, Eystna’s parents of their grandchild and Eystna the chance to be a mother to the baby she was so looking forward to having.

"Tony McLernon is a dangerous, violent man. He has subjected numerous ex-girlfriends to constant fear of being assaulted, and Eystna paid the ultimate price during his final violent outburst. What he has taken away from the Blunnie family can never be replaced, but I hope he never has the opportunity to put another family through the pain they continue to suffer.”

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