"You really ought to perhaps mind your manners" says Jenny Jones


Greenhalgh and Jenny Jones argue about police numbers. She calls him "offensive" and tells him to "mind your manners" @itvlondon


Yes, sorry @simonharrisitv @itvlondon All a bit fractious. Greenhalgh sits there smirking like a schoolboy. Grrrr ...

One of Boris Johnson's deputy mayors has been involved in a heated exchange over police numbers.

Opposition politicians cast doubt on the mayor's pledge toput an extra 1,200 police officers on the streets.

During a debate at City hall, the Deputy Mayor for Policing Stephen Greenhalgh clashed with London Assembly member Jenny Jones.

Mr Greenhalgh: "Your line of questioning indicates your lack of understanding of the figures we are presenting."

Ms Jones: "Well I think that your answer is actually a complete fudge."

Mr Greenhalgh: "You clearly don't understand the figures."

Ms Jones: "Mr Greenhalgh you're very offensive and I'd like to say that you really ought to perhaps mind your manners."