Kickz Awards

Five London clubs have been honoured in the Kickz Awards. The project aims to use football to bring communities together and engage young people.

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Kickz Awards: How we reported it

The Kickz scheme was launched seven years ago, by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair. Watch the video to see how Chris Paxton reported it back in 2006.

Kickz in London

  • To date, 67,928 unique young people have been engaged across the country, of which 34,247 (50.4%) were from London based clubs.

  • Nationally, each young person has engaged for an average of 76 contact hours to date – London’s average is slightly higher at over 81 hours

  • In 2012 11,599 young people attended Kickz projects in London during the 12 month, each for an average of 34 hours.

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