Met Police pay damages to 'Good Samaritan' of London riots

The Met Police is to pay substantial undisclosed damages to a 'Good Samaritan' who helped vulnerable people caught up in the London riots in 2011 whose photo was wrongly used in 'wanted' posters.

Riot officers during the riots in Hackney in August 2011 Credit: Reuters, Toby Melville

London's High Court heard Leslie Austin, who works in housing services in the east London borough of Hackney was commended and thanked by individual police officers throughout the night of 8th August 2011.

The help Mr Austin gave to others included rescuing people who appeared to be trapped in a building close to a car which had been set alight, escorted a distressed elderly woman away from the riots home safely and removed debris from around a bus, enabling the driver to continue the journey.

'Good Samaritan' Leslie Austin helped many people on the night of the Hackney riots

So 'Good Samaritan' who has carried out much volunteer work within the community was shocked when he found his photo on a poster with the words 'Operation Withern Identity Sought' given by police to local businesses for display.