Southwark Council responds to Lakanal inquest recommendations

Six people died in the fire at Lakanal House in 2009. Credit: Carl Court/PA Wire

Southwark Council has set out its planned responses to the recommendations from a coroner following the inquests into the fatal Lakanal House fire in 2009. The council was given 56 days to respond to the coroner's letter which was sent following the inquest in March.

The council said it had already carried out progress on many of the recommendations including setting up a specialised fire safety team. However, it also said that some of the proposals have legal obstacles and the council is writing to the Government to see if rule changes can be made.

At the moment, the council is not allowed to inspect leaseholder properties without the owner's permission. It also wants to look at the feasibility of installing expensive sprinkler systems.

The council's cabinet will consider whether to approve the report today.