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  1. Martin Stew

Rare lapwing chicks born at London Wetland Centre

Five broods of lapwing chicks have hatched at the 105 acre WWT London Wetland Centre in Barnes.The lapwings were once a familiar farm bird but have seen numbers decline significantly and are now on the RSPB’s Red List for endangered species.

A lapwing chick out for a stroll. Credit: Mike Caiden

One female has three chicks. In the chilly weather we’re having at the moment, they huddle under her, using their mother as a lapwing radiator.

The chicks gather for warmth under their mother... Credit: Mike Caiden

This is normal behaviour for lapwings, although sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to find space among all the legs as this bemused looking chick discovered.

...though one chick found it hard to squeeze in. Credit: Mike Caiden

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