A tale of two ducks

Many of you might remember the 50-foot high rubber duck that travelled upriver in December - a stunt with the simple aim of trying to encourage Londoners to be daft. Everything hunky-dorey.

The giant 50 foot rubber duck floating down the Thames last year. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

But what happens when big ducks become a let-down? Hong Kong knows.

Hong Kong's deflated duck. Credit: AP

It welcomed a 54-foot high duck - created by a Dutch artist - and which has been on a world tour since 2007, spreading a message of peace and harmony.

But sightseers were left disappointed when it deflated.

Organisers denied it was sunk by wind and rain, saying it the duck was flattened simply to allow maintenance to be carried out.

Hong Kong's deflated duck. Credit: AP