RAF Typhoon diverts plane

An RAF Typhoon jet has been launched to investigate an incident involving a civilian aircraft in UK airspace, the Ministry of Defence said today.

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Same plane involved in bomb scare in 2011

The very same plane was diverted to Stansted due to a bomb scare 2 years ago Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire/Press Association Images

An MoD spokesman said the incident was now a police matter and "our involvement is over".

He said Typhoon jets can be scrambled after the pilot or crew of a passenger aircraft sends out an emergency signal.

"The purpose of going up is to investigate what the situation is," he said. "Often when a Quick Reaction Alert aircraft is launched the details are not known, but it is known that a signal has been sent. Part of the purpose of sending a Typhoon up is to have a look and see what they can see."

The very same plane on the very same flight - from Lahore to Manchester - had been diverted to Stansted on September 7 2011 due to a bomb scare.

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