Regional journalism's role in exposing injustice

Ronke Phillips with cameraman Bill Jones with their Amnesty International award Credit: ITN

Ronke Phillips says,

"I am absolutely thrilled to have won a prestigious Amnesty International Award for the second year running.

"You don't have to travel the world to find human rights abuses. The case of Kristy Bamu - who was murdered in London as part of a belief system that has its roots in the Congo - is a prime example of the most horrific abuse happening on our doorstep.

"This award confirms regional journalism has as much a role to play in exposing injustice as national and international news."


Award for Ronke Phillips

ITV London's Senior Correspondent Ronke Phillips and cameraman Bill Jones collected the Amnesty International nations and regions media award last night for a piece on the murder of Kristy Bamu in Newham in 2010.