Spooky caterpillar invasion

An invasion by millions of caterpillars has turned a park and graveyard into a spooky scene as trees have been wrapped with cobweb-like nests.

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Ghostly growings on: Millions of caterpillars create 'spooky scene'

Millions of caterpillars have settled on trees and headstones in and around a Southend-on-Sea cemetery.

The bird cherry ermine moth caterpillars have created web-like nests which cover entire trees so the creatures can eat the entire tree.

Ghostly growings on: This is an example of what a tree invaded by millions of the caterpillar looks like

The bird cherry Ermine moth is completely harmless and can be found across Europe as well as in northern and eastern Asia.

They can eat an entire tree bare though trees can survive and recover by the next year.

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