Rape accused claims police framed him

A convicted burglar whose DNA was found on a raped pensioner today said he had been framed by police motivated by "hate".

56 year old Wendell Baker from Walthamstow is accused of raping 66 year old Hazel Backwell in her home in Stratford in January 1997. She died in 2002.

Baker, who has three convictions for burglary, was cleared of the rape in 1999 after the judge decided the case could not proceed - but he's facing a second trial under the double jeopardy law which allows a person cleared of a serious offence to face retrial in certain circumstances.

Today, Baker, whose semen DNA matched samples taken from the victim with a probability "in the order of one in a billion" told his trial the police had hounded him for years and that they hated him.

He denied attacking the victim, who was dumped in a cupboard, and said he never knew her.