Labour unveils how mayoral candidate will be chosen

Ed Miliband will today unveil his plans to change the link between the trade union movement and the Labour party, and a reform of the process through which party candidates are selected. In a speech this morning in London, he will propose the following:

  • Labour's next candidate for mayor of London to be picked through a system of US-style primaries.
  • There is a possibility they could be extended to the selection of parliamentary candidates where the local constituency party is weak.
  • There will also be spending caps in selection contests for Parliament and the European Parliament covering both would-be candidates and any organisation backing them.
  • A new code of conduct will be drawn up for those seeking parliamentary selection, with the prospect of disqualification if they breach the rules.


Mayoral selection change

Ed Miliband has set out a series of reforms designed to end the "machine politics" behind the alleged ballot-rigging controversy in Falkirk. Conservatives asked the police to investigate Labour's candidate selection process in Greater London.