New cancer drug 'positive impact' on quality of life

A new hi-tech prostate cancer drug has already demonstrated a 'positive impact on the quality of life', the Institute of Cancer Research said today, as the treatment trials in the capital.

ITV ran a campaign to encourage women to talk to men about cancer last month.

Professor Johann de Bono from the institute, who led the Affirm trial, said:

"Enzalutamide is a much needed development in prostate cancer treatment and will provide a new option for the increasing number of men with advanced prostate cancer in the UK whose disease has become resistant to first-line hormonal treatments and who have had docetaxel chemotherapy.

"Enzalutamide has already demonstrated a positive impact on quality of life whilst increasing the life-span of patients with this common disease.

"It's use will bring significant benefits, establishing it as a key component of advanced prostate cancer treatment in the UK."

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Prostrate cancer drug welcomed

A hi-tech prostate cancer drug that offers hope to men who have run out of treatment options became available in the UK. It will be trialled in the capital today.