Over £60k recovered after drug trafficking probe

More than £60,000 has been recovered under the Proceeds of Crime Act following a money laundering investigation by Lewisham Police's Criminal Finance Team into drug trafficking activities in London linked to a South East Asian organised crime gang.

Barry Wong, 47, of Lewisham was jailed for two years in June for money laundering and a forfeiture order was granted today at Bromley Magistrates Court as there were reasonable grounds to believe that the seized cash was derived from crime and therefore recoverable.

Ian Smith, Lewisham Police Criminal Finance Team said:

Barry Wong disowned the seized cash from the outset and there were no other claimants for the cash during the investigation.

This can only be because it was 'dirty money' from criminal activity and could not be attributed to any legitimate source.

The Metropolitan Police Criminal Finance Teams are committed to bankrupting any criminal organization, however big or small they are, and particularly those that are of the opinion it is safe to deal in cash obtained through crime.