Landmark parking case won

Parking campaigners today won a landmark High Court victory against increased charges which has implications for the rest of the country.

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Residents win case against rise in parking charges

Parking campaigners from the London borough of Barnet have won the quashing of the local council's decision to dramatically increase parking charges in April 2011.

The judge rejected arguments put forward by Barnet council lawyers that it had powers under section 45 of the 1984 Act to raise a surplus from parking charges for transport functions.

There were no parking charges in David Attfield's quiet residential road, who brought the lead case, until the controlled parking zone (CPZ) was first introduced in 2001 to prevent tube commuters parking in local streets.

  • The cost of a permit for a first car was initially £20 and visitor vouchers cost 35p each.
  • The charges were increased in 2006.
  • In 2011 that they leapt for a first car from £40 to £100.
  • Visitors' vouchers increased from £1 to £4 - among the highest CPZ charges in London.

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