Tiger swimming lesson at zoo

London Zoo's Sumatran tigers have been getting special swimming lessons - to help them keep cool in the heatwave.

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Swimming lesson for tiger at London Zoo

A Sumatran tiger at London Zoo has been getting special swimming lessons - to help him keep cool.

The pool is a feature of Jae Jae's new Tiger Territory enclosure. Credit: ITN

Unlike domestic moggies, tigers love water, and Jae Jae the male Sumatran tiger is no exception.

He was a bit nervous at first, as he wasn't used to the deep waters. Credit: ITN

The new Tiger Territory enclosure contains a custom-built pool and Jae Jae could often by seen relaxing in the shallow end.

But keepers wanted to help him make the most of the deep waters - and his incredible muscles - so decided a swimming lesson was in order.

To entice the big cat in, they devised a special raft that could be topped with yummy treats.

Keepers placed meat on a raft in the middle of the pool, to entice him in. Credit: ITN

The floating raft is placed in the centre of the tiger's pool, which is over 1.5m at its deepest point, and topped with Jae Jae's favourite snacks.

Although he's a Sumatran tiger, Jae Jae still gets hot in the summer. Credit: ITN

The new raft forms part of Jae Jae's daily enrichment, helping to keep him active and stimulated.

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