Man runs through pub with 'AK47'

A man has been arrested after running through a pub in Borough with what appeared to be a AK47. Customers at The George pub were told to get down on the floor.

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Man arrested after running through pub with gun

Police have detained a man who ran through a pub in Borough with what witnesses described as an AK47 gun.

ITV News producer Darren Burn was inside the George pub at around 2 o'clock this afternoon when the incident happened.

He tweeted what he saw:

Samuel, my uncle and I just had to get on the floor as a gunman ran through the pub we're in.

It happened at the George pub in Borough - a black man with a gun that looked like an AK47 ran through. Men started chasing him and shouting "get down he has a gun."

I have never had to get down on floor before. The whole moment was surreal and I didn't react fast enough. Samuel and my uncle hit the floor.

I called the police but they're still not here. Gunman was carrying a gun with a Sports Direct bag in tow.

Three armed police have now arrived and are pursuing suspect.


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