1. Martin Stew

Invent a solution to the British summertime

Mark Champkins is looking for creative young people to improve the British summer Credit: Martin Stew/ITV London

Tired of sandy sandwiches, pesky wasps and washout school holidays? The Science Museum wants children’s help to come up with inventive solutions to some of British summer’s greatest frustrations.

It’s launched a competition for 8-16 year olds to invent new and creative products that will help us deal with whatever the summer throws at us.

Can you solve a problem we face during the summer? Credit: Martin Stew/ITV London

Science Museum inventor in residence Mark Champkins says:

“Your invention should try to solve a problem we face during the summertimein Britain. Could a picnic hamper with a pop up umbrella to shield you from anunexpected rain shower help? Or a sunshade to stop your ice-cream melting inthe sun?

To get started, think about the places you visit when you’re holidaying in Britain and the problems you may face:

  • at the seaside

  • in the countryside

  • on a long car journey

  • in a caravan

  • at home in the garden

  • camping in a tent”

The winner will receive a 3D printer worth £2,000 and see their design created for a new exhibition. Entries have to be in by midnight on Sunday 25th August.

To apply click here