Plans to end cash fares on buses

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a public consultation seeking customers' views on proposals to stop cash fare payments on London buses in 2014.

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Bus driver gives 'thumbs up' to axing bus cash fares

A bus driver has welcomed news that Transport for London proposes to axe cash fare payments on buses.

Writing on the ITV London Facebook page:

Speaking as a London night bus driver, this idea has been floated around before, but now, it looks like the tide is turning, I do hope it is brought in, it will make things a lot easier esp. when Joe Public boards his bus and all he has is a £20.00 note, we are NOT given a float, but we ARE expected to give change. (work that one out), so I say, and I can give a HUGE thumbs up from drivers, BRING IT ON!

– Jim Bunce

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