Plans to end cash fares on buses

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a public consultation seeking customers' views on proposals to stop cash fare payments on London buses in 2014.

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Cashless bus fares 'would reduce crime on drivers'

Proposals by Transport for London to end cash fare payments on the capital's buses has received mixed reviews on the ITV London Facebook page.

Here are some of your views:

We'll have more chancers trying it on. People outside London would expect to pay with cash for the bus, regardless if it's more expensive or not. Contactless cards (which I don't have) will relieve the problem, but is not mass market yet.

– Martin Phillp

I think its a good idea, , The people who say what happens if I don't have enough money on card.etc etc!!!!?? . With microchip technology if you register your bank details (same as with congestion charge) it could be automatically deducted... It would reduce crime on the bus drivers

– Lisa Ramsey

Long as they still have those payment machines at the bus stops don't see the problem. More safety for the driver

– Sarah Mulroe

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