New record for wing-walkers

Two nine-year-old girls have become the youngest ever wing walkers. Rose Powell and Flame Brewer from west London have landed safely.

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Young wing-walkers become record breakers

Two nine-year-old girls from west London have become the youngest ever wing walkers. Rose Powell, who's from Fulham and Notting Hill's Flame Brewer have landed safely after taking to the skies over Gloucestershire.

The girls in flight Credit: Martha Fairlie

The two girls are the third generation of their families to wingwalk on their grandfather Vic Norman's vintage biplanes.

The pair are raising money for Eli Crossley, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

In training Credit: ITV News

Flame says: "My cousin and I came up with the idea to be the youngestformation wingwalking team and wanted to help Eli together. I'm really excitedand a bit nervous at the same time."

Rose and Flame Credit: ITV News

Rosie said "It feels really nice to be doing something to help Eli and hopefully get lots of people to know about the Duchenne Children's Trust It is dreadful that the older children like Eli get, the less able they become to do things that I take for granted."

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