Campaigner profile is deleted

A feminist campaigner from north London - subjected to rape and death threats on Twitter - has deleted her account. It comes a day after Caroline Criado-Perez raised concerns about the police investigation into abuse.

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Police: a huge amount of evidence has been examined

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said:

We are urgently trying to contact the complainant so we can discuss with her the issues that she is raising on social network sites, to once again explain our approach and tactics in this investigation to provide both answers for her and clarity.

A huge amount of evidence, including hundreds of tweets, has been captured by officers and thoroughly examined. This has been a complex and large investigation that has involved the examination of hundreds of messages sent on Twitter.

A number of people have so far been arrested in connection with the complaint, and remain on bail.

The MPS has worked closely with the CPS to ensure that what we are examining and highlighting for prosecution meets a criminal threshold. Officers have been in ongoing dialogue with the complainant since the investigation started. We are mindful of the truly hurtful and distressing impact that receiving such communication can have, however we must be sure to focus our efforts on the things that we and the CPS believe is a crime and can be prosecuted.

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