Duggan shot 'in self defence'

An inquest has heard how the police marksman who shot Mark Duggan claimed he acted in self-defence because he thought Mr Duggan was brandishing a gun.

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Duggan jury "on a quest to find the truth"

Mark Duggan was shot dead by an armed officer in August 2011 Credit: Metropolitan Police

Jurors at the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan have been told they are on a "quest to find the truth" over whether the father-of-four was lawfully killed when he was shot by armed police, sparking a wave of riots across the country.

More than two years after the 29-year-old died, the full inquest into his death at the hands of Scotland Yard marksmen began at the Royal Courts of Justice today.

The Duggan family has waited more than two years for the inquest into Mark's death to begin Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Mr Duggan was shot by police who stopped the taxi in which he was travelling in Tottenham in August 2011.

The coroner, Judge Keith Cutler, told the jury: "It is a quest to find the truth. This may sound rather grand but it is in fact an important task and one which may take us a little time."

Several relatives and loved ones of Mr Duggan attended the hearing, and his mother, Pamela Duggan, left in tears during the afternoon session.

Pam Duggan left in tears during the inquest Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Judge Cutler said: "To acknowledge the grief of those family and friends and to respect that loss we will together just have some moments of silence as we sit here to recognise the seriousness of the hearing for which we are about to undertake."

Earlier a list of witnesses was read to the panel, including Kevin Hutchinson-Foster, who was convicted of supplying a gun to Mr Duggan.

The 11 jurors are due to visit the area where Mr Duggan died on Thursday.

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