Spurs boss backs PM over chant

Andre Villas-Boas has backed David Cameron after the Prime Minister said fans who chant 'Yid' should not be prosecuted. The Spurs boss said: "I think it was what the Spurs fans want to hear."

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David Baddiel: 'Yid' really is a race-hate word

Comedian David Baddiel is a Jewish Chelsea fan and has argued that Tottenham supporters should not describe themselves as 'Yids'.

Writing in the Guardian David Baddiel spoke out against David Cameron's comments:

"Yid is a race-hate word... The only possible reason why a culture that has tried to dismiss other race-hate words to the margins of language would consider it acceptable is if the racism of which it is a part is somehow less offensive, somehow less significant, than other racisms.

"Which must be, I guess, what a lot of people consciously or unconsciously think - if it had been the N-word or the P-word, it wouldn't have got past David Cameron's lips."

David Baddiel Credit: Press Association

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