CCTV: Man runs in front of trains at Barking

Do you recognise this man? He ran across the train tracks at Barking Credit: British Transport Police

British Transport Police are appealing for help in identifying a man who ran in front of two trains at Barking station. They have released CCTV images of the man on Saturday 7th September, as he spotted a number of uniformed police officers and jumped onto the tracks in front of a tube train.

The unidentified man leaps onto the tracks, narrowly missing a District Line tube train Credit: British Transport Police
The man fled when he saw uniformed police on Barking station Credit: British Transport Police

He then ran onto the next set of tracks as a London Overground train was approaching, forcing the driver to apply the emergency brakes. Police are appealing for anyone who recognises the man to come forward.

The man ran out of the station after crossing the lines in front of two trains Credit: British Transport Police

PC Phil Church said: “Trespass on the railway is, in itself,extremely dangerous and irresponsible, but to run in front of moving trains is putting your life on the line. We don’t believe the man was injured during the incident ... but this was still extremely thoughtless behaviour."