Police dog wins second prize at cuteness contest

Quincy beat 13 other puppies, but narrowly missed out on first prize to a chocolate labrador Credit: City of London Police

Today's most random press release prize is awarded to the City of London Police, who report that one of their police dogs has come second in the 'Cutest Pup' category at the Chinbrook Dog Show.

Puppies join City of London Police when they are seven weeks old Credit: City of London Police

Quincy is currently living with 'puppy walker' Sergeant Julian Goodchild, who says "Quincy is a lovely little pup who just wants to play ball allt he time, he is very active and likes to chew on everything, chair lets, trousers, hands! He's going to make a great Police Dog"

Quincy will begin his training in a few months and become a working dog Credit: City of London Police

Quincy will be placed with a police dog instructor in a few months, to begin his full-time training, at which point he will presumably become a lot less cute. He will be trained in crowd control, searching for people and property, and tracking crime suspects.

Quincy is enjoying his moment in the limelight before getting down to the serious business of crime-fighting Credit: City of London Police

So, enjoy these photos of cute Quincy, as next time you see him, he will be a fully grown German Shepherd and hard at work fighting crime in the City of London.