Your views: London 'too built up, too overcrowded'

Opinions are divided over whether London deserves the title of Britain's "worst place to live". Tweet us your thoughts @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.


@itvlondon As a born and bred Londoner I sadly have to agree. London is far too built up and overcrowded. Not the city I grew up in!

Lisa Jobson I personally don't like the place I find it dirty and overcrowded but im used to a small city where there are trees and fields all around couldn't ever live in a big city.


@itvlondon London is an mega-conurbation more akin to a citystate than an English Town. To compare it to Scunthorpe or Bradford is ludicrous


London 'worst place' in Britain

London has won the title of Britain's number one 'Crap Town' after a public vote to find the worst places to live.