Postman refuses to deliver letter over 'massive' spider

A postman refused to deliver a letter to a south London home after spotting a "massive" spider on the path to the front door, the Daily Mail has reported.

The 42-year-old postman said the spider was the same size as a 10p coin, and wrote a message on Stuart Robertson-Reed's letter refusing to enter. He said he had left it be to avoid breaking the web.

A common garden orb spider Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

The note read: "No access - massive spider web in front gate". Mr Robertson-Reed said: "'I couldn't believe it. He was either spider-friendly and didn't want to break the web or a terrified arachnophobe."

Royal Mail apologised for any inconvenience today, adding that "alternative arrangements should have been made".

Greg Hitchcock of Kent Wildlife Trust confirmed that this arachnid is a common garden spider - and not one of thousands of poisonous spiders currently plaguing Britain.