Londoners living in poverty

A new study reveals that 28% of Londoners are in poverty. And according to research commissioned by independent charitable foundation Trust for London, a quarter of all households rely on housing benefit to meet their housing costs.

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Work alone no solution to London's poverty

The Chief Executive of Trust for London, which commissioned the research has called on policymakers to tackle the issues by building more affordable housing and employers to pay a Living Wage.

Work on its own is not a solution to London's poverty because of the growing number of low-paid jobs. The majority of working-age adults and children in poverty are now in families that work. Londoners are trying hard but are getting stuck; with many being impacted by high housing costs, low pay and limited career progression.

London's economy may be doing better than the rest of the country but that obscures the fact it has the highest poverty rate.

– Bharat Mehta, Chief Executive of Trust for London

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