NHS Trust fails mother

An NHS Foundation has said it should have prevented the death of a mother suffering from post-natal depression. 33 year old Diana Mager killed herself at Green Parks House psychiatric unit in Orpington, Kent in August last year.

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Spotting the signs in others

If you're worried that someone you know is suffering from Postnatal Depression, here's a guide to how to spot the signs.

  • They frequently cry for no obvious reason
  • They have difficulties bonding with their baby
  • They seem to be neglecting themselves – for example, not washing or changing clothes
  • They seem to have lost all sense of time – often unaware if 10 minutes or two hours have passed
  • They lose all sense of humour and cannot see the funny side of anything
  • They worry something is wrong with their baby, regardless of reassurance

If you think someone you know has postnatal depression, encourage them to open up and talk about their feelings to you, a friend, GP or health visitor.

Postnatal depression needs to be properly treated and isn't something you can just snap out of.

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