Acid attack teenager is jailed

A 16-year-old boy who threw acid at a woman on her doorstep in Essex has been sentenced to more than eight years in jail. 28-year-old Tara Quigley suffered horrific burns to her face and body in the attack and has undergone two skin grafts.

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'Horrific acid attack', involving a degree of brutality

This was an horrific attack, involving a degree of brutality and callousness rarely encountered. Almost, one might say, beyond comprehension.

Miss Quigley opened the front door and saw the same man. He was holding onto a white bottle with both hands.

He then pointed the bottle at Miss Quigley and squeezed. Miss Quigley felt liquid come into contact with her skin, followed almost immediately by a burning sensation.

The man remained where he was, Miss Quigley shut the door and began to scream. She ran to the kitchen, turned the tap on and started putting water on her face.

– Martin Whitehouse, Prosecutor

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