Lost snake turns up in Taoist temple during prayers

A Taoist temple in east London had a surprise visitor during prayers this week when a corn snake slid under the door to join them. The reptile, thought to be an escaped exotic pet, was first seen at the Walthamstow Temple on Wednesday. He was caught and the RSPCA was called.

Corn snake being cared for by the RSPCA Credit: RSPCA

Animal Collection officer Greg Hagen said: "It was one of the more unusual places I have been to rescue an animal - but snakes can make their way into all kinds of nooks and crannies and obviously saw the gap beneath the door and decided to go for it.

"It is likely that this is an escaped pet and I urge anyone who thinks they may know who the owner is to give us a call. Corn snakes are excellent escape artists.

"It's lucky this one was found as snakes need special environment with a heat gradient in order to survive and so it would not have lasted long in this cold weather. Anyone with any information about this snake should call 0300 123 8018."