Wallaby in Highgate cemetery

For the last week residents in Highgate have been on the lookout after a dog walker described seeing a mysterious beast in the famous cemetery. Now, a wallaby has been caught on camera.

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Neighbours contained wallaby until RSPCA arrived

The stray wallaby has been named Jean Credit: Caro Shrives
It was seen by residents on York Rise Estate in Dartmouth Park early this morning Credit: Caro Shrives
Neighbours managed to keep it safe behind bars until the RSPCA arrived Credit: Caro Shrives
RSPCA officer Leigh Summers gets Jean safely into the van Credit: Caro Shrives
The animal was apparently 'perfectly healthy' Credit: Caro Shrives
Jean will be held at an exotic animal holding centre at Heathrow Airport until his future is decided Credit: Caro Shrives

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