Death threat for old London tree

Enfield Council is trying to save one of London's oldest trees from dying. The 800 year old Minchenden Oak in Southgate has begun to subside.

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Historic oak under threat 'predates the Magna Carta'

Enfield Council says it has carried out extensive works over the years to protect the historic Oak, but even more needed to be done. Councillor Chris Bond, said:

"Our primary objective is to save this fantastic natural monument which predates the Magna Carta. Doing nothing is not an option, because unless we take decisive action, this historic and much loved tree will fall over.

"If that were to happen the it would cause extensive damage to the park and potentially damage nearby homes. "The action we are proposing, while drastic, gives the tree a good chance of recovery and means that future generations can enjoy it for years to come."

Part of the decaying trunk of the 800-year-old Minchenden Oak Credit: ITV News

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