West Ham fan Winstone calls time on home matches

West Ham fan Ray Winstone has revealed he no longer goes to watch matches because fans do not allow him to watch the game in peace.

The actor, who is the face of Bet 365 adverts shown at half-time during live football games, grew up in Plaistow and is a devoted West Ham fan.

West Ham fan Ray Winstone calls time on home matches. Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

But The Sweeney star told Reader's Digest: "The thing that changes - and I don't mean this horribly because I've been to West Ham all my life - is that I used to love being in the crowd and just sitting there with the boys having a laugh.

"Then I found I couldn't because people will talk to me all through the game - I'm not moaning about it, they were just talking - but I want to watch the game with my mates. So you think, I've got a few quid so I'll get a box. But then how can you say you're the same as everyone else?"