William enjoys young designer's cleaning game

William launched BAFTA's Give Something Back scheme Credit: Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard

Despite lamenting his own "useless" video gaming skills, the Duke of Cambridge was brave enough to put them to the test in front of a room of onlookers today.

William, who was visiting BAFTA today to launch its Give Something Back appeal, also road-tested several games while attending BAFTA's Young Game Designers Workshop.

The Duke enjoyed playing a cleaning iPad game and speaking to young designers Credit: Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard

The Duke had his chance soon after his speech, trying games with titles such as Hamster: Accidental World Domination, Vacuum Panic and Smiley Dodgems, which were made by previous young design award winners.

William spent a good portion of his time trying his hand at Vacuum Panic, where the aim is to clean a bedroom before 'mum' comes in to check it.

"I'm not cleaning particularly well, I'm just going around in circles," he told designer Charlie Hutton-Pattermore as his fingers flicked over the iPad screen in front of him.