Boris not against rush hour ban

Boris Johnson sayshe is not against the idea of a rush hour lorry ban, but warns it would risk a "great glut of lorries" the minute the peak was over.

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Cyclists should 'take more responsibility' for own safety

One of London's most senior police officers says cyclists should take more responsibility for their own safety. Chief Superintendent Glyn Jones said while he didn't want to single anyone out for blame, cyclists were at an obvious disadvantage on the roads.

Bow roundabout in east London which has seen a number of accidents involving cyclists Credit: Press Association

Chief Superintendent Glyn Jones said: "I think the more vulnerable you are, the more careful you need to be - even if the law is on your side. It is no comfort to a grieving family, but yes, the more vulnerable you are, the more care you need to take.

"I'm not saying they're doing anything wrong. What I am saying is if you approach a junction and there's an HGV, it might be more prudent to hang back than try to overtake the HGV on the inside."

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