Boris not against rush hour ban

Boris Johnson sayshe is not against the idea of a rush hour lorry ban, but warns it would risk a "great glut of lorries" the minute the peak was over.

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Your views: Should cyclists stop wearing headphones?

You've been telling us if you agree with Boris Johnson after he described cyclists who wear headphones an 'absolute scourge'. Should cyclists stop wearing headphones? Tweet us @itvlondon or go to our Facebook page.

Karen Stambrovskis: How would that be policed, then? Best just to build proper, separated, cycle lanes for everyone's safety and stop playing the blame-game.

Claire Edwards: Yes I nearly run one over yesterday because he didn't hear my car and just went in the road without looking. Then us car drivers get the blame.

Emma Hall: Ban them from wearing head phones make them wear high viz tops and tax them for using the roads.

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