Underground to run overnight

London Underground is to cut 750 jobs under plans which include a new 24-hour Tube service at weekends and changes to station staffing.

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Your views: RMT 'will never be happy' over Tube change

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Peter Field: Some good ideas, some bad ideas & of course Bob Crow's no idea.

It's great that the tube will run 24/7, it's one of the things I think holds London back from being a great city. It's a bad idea that they will close every ticket office (unless tubes will be free!!). There are so many situations that you might need ticket assistance.

Every station should have staff there even if it is just for safety's sake. RMT will never be happy. I believe in unions but the RMT is not a true union. The staff are so over paid its unbelievable. +£50k to drive a train!!! It's go & stop. It's not like you can get lost.

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