Arctic Londoner freed on bail

A British Greenpeace activist and a London journalist have been released from a Russian jail.

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Kieron Bryan: 'Keep fighting, we are not free yet'

After being released from prison, Kieron Bryan said: "We should keep fighting, we are not free yet. This is a first step and a glimmer of justice but it's not finished.

"It was pretty tough, for everyone I'm sure. More than anything, it's the isolation, not being able to speak to anyone, not being able to speak a common language, being trapped in a cell for 23 hours a day is something I don't ever want to experience again. "

Kieron Bryan speaking to journalists after being released Credit: PA Wire

Kieron added: "My plan now is to go to a hotel and have a long shower and never do a Sudoku puzzle again and speak to my family. I am feeling a lot better now, very happy to be out. I have no complaints (about prison conditions).

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