Club's guilty manslaughter plea

Prince's Sporting Club in Surrey has pleaded guilty to corporate manslaughter after 11-year-old Mari-Simon Cronje died when she was hit by a boat towing the inflatable she was riding.

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'Promising life' of 11-year-old girl killed in boat accident

Our 11-year-old daughter died prematurely. A promising life stretched out ahead of her, she touched the lives of everyone she met.

We are, and always will be, deeply disappointed by the conduct and behaviour of the boat driver, the management and the owner of PSC.

There was no appreciation for the risk inherent from towing the children in the water.

Emergency procedures were not in place. This directly contributed to Mari-Simon's death.

They (PSC) have individually and collectively avoided taking responsibility for the sub-standard way this was carried out.

– Andre Cronje, father of Mari-Simon Cronje

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