Bike minister sees pros and cons

In a bid to better understand the hazards on the capital's roads the cycling minister rode across London from Kings Cross to Parliament. Robert Goodwill tried out a route designed by civil servants to learn more about cycling in London.

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Goodwill 'may be nervous' as a London cycling virgin

Cycling Minister Robert Goodwill has urged cyclists to position themselves positively on the roads and make sure vehicle drivers know their intentions. Mr Goodwill cycled around the capital today, finding:

I didn't feel in danger at any time - I do cycle in London but I think if I was a London cycling virgin I would have been a little bit nervous, possibly.

When we came out of Kings Cross, we got on to some quite good segregated routes, some quiet routes I didn't even know existed. We went down Royal College Street where they have spent a lot of money... I thought that was fine and I felt safe.

There was a bizarre one in Southwark where I went across the road and there was a cycle lane coming the other way, but the cycle lane on our side started three metres later and then it was on a footpath.

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