Calls to lower planned fare increases for 2014

The Mayor is facing calls to lower his planned price increases on Travelcards, as a result of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

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Changes to London fares confuse Boris Johnson

Even Boris Johnson seemed confused over the cost of public transport fares in 2014. During his regular LBC 97.3 phone-in show London's Mayor was asked much a one-way ticket from his nearby station Angel to London Bridge would cost. Boris Johnson replied:

Oh blimey. I've got the figures here... A cash single, it is currently, in zones one to seven, it is £6.70. Can that be right? That's what it says here. Seems unbelievably expensive to me. That's outrageous. That cannot possibly be right.

After a pause to study the figures, London's Mayor continued:

Oh zone one, here we go, £4.50.

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