London's 'Swish pie' is world's most expensive

The world's most expensive microwaveable meal is available to buy today.

London's 'Swish pie' is world's most expensive

Charlie Bigham's 'Swish Pie'

The humble fish pie, a British winter staple, has undergone a five star makeover with a price tag to match.

Charlie Bigham's 'Swish Pie' is being launched in the capital today and promises to be the world's most expensive ready meal.

The ingredients themselves read like a VIP guest list: salmon poached in vintage DomPerignon, a 24ct gold crumb on top of the dish, sea salt harvested from the Piran Salt Pans and whitetruffles as well as an 'amuse-bouche' of Beluga Caviar.

And if this has tempted you into wanting to try a 'Swish Pie' then be warned, you'll have to fork out £314.16 for the privilege.

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