Barrier saves London from 'flood chaos'

The Environment Agency has released a picture that shows the effects that the largest tidal surge in 60 years would have had on London if the Thames Barrier hadn't been closed.

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Latest flood warnings from the Environment Agency

The latest flood warning from the Environment Agency shows the nearest advice to London. The Thames Barrier is being closed tonight with the strongest tidal surge in 60 years predicted.

Gravesend, Denton and Greenhithe

High tides will flood properties in this Flood Warning Area. High spring tides, combined with a prolonged surge, mean that water levels are forecast to be very high. This poses a serious risk for both high tides on Friday.

Forecast wind speeds are northwesterly force 4 to 7. Water levels may be dangerously high before the predicted astronomical tidal peak. This is because the surge is raising water levels before the peak of the astronomical tide.

Source: Environment Agency

Environment Agency flood map Credit: Environment Agency

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