East Coast 2014 fares announced

East Coast has announced it will freeze more than half its to-and-from London fares. However, its regulated fares, including season tickets, are rising by 3.1% average which is in line with the inflation rate.

East Coast, which has been run in the public sector for the last four years, operates services from London up the east side of England to Scotland, with about 60% of the services starting or finishing at London's King's Cross station.

Today, the company said that its overall average rise for all fares from January 2, 2014 was 1.21% with unregulated fares - which include off-peak fares and advanced-purchased tickets for leisure travellers - going up by an average of 0.83%.

East Coast managing director Karen Boswell said:

We're freezing fares to help our customers and encourage more people to travel with us. This will help us to continue to grow our business, and to give back even more to the taxpayer. This is a straightforward commercial decision which is very good news for our customers and businesses across our route. It will also help East Coast to sustain our strong advantage in a highly-competitive travel market.